AdRotate Extra Settings 1.1

This article has been written before more than 1 years, information might old.

The new version of AdRotate Extra Settings plugin have some enhancements!


  • Moved the settings page in the Adrotate menu
  • Removed the check for pro/free version (not required at the moment)
  • Improved tablesorter
  • Correct position for custom example
  • Hide section (usage, geolocation and timeframe)
  • Updated to last version of AdRotate Free/Pro
  • New icon

Also the plugin now is not affiliated with the official AdRotate plugin, and is not official.

The principal new feature is the Hide section feature of the box in the edit page of the ads.


I’ve released also the new version of Firefox OS Bookmark but the new version have only the icon and the donation link.


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AdRotate Extra Settings 1.1

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