But it’s a fox or a panda?

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Reading on the internet I see that there are those who confuse the mascot of Mozilla Firefox.

First, Mozilla has another mascot:

At first it was green and it had to be a lizard, after it has evolved into a species of dinosaur but why?

Mozilla was the code name for Netscape and the name came from “Mosaic Killer” that is the competitor of Netscape at the time.
He was chosen a dinosaur because of the name and assonance with Godzilla.
At first, the mascot was green and this can be seen on that DMOZ is a project created by Netscape called Mozilla Directory which is a collection of sites and when there were no search engines they used a lot. This mascot green is still present on the site why Mozilla was the codename of many projects within Netscape and was used by the staff.
Firefox is the code name of the browser that is the name by which it is called the Red Panda that is Ailurus fulgens.

In chinese language is known as Fire Fox becoming the name of the browser.


So the correct name to call Firefox is not panda but fox. They are inspired by his name. In fact, as says an old page of Mozilla Firefox is the alternative name of this animal. Like saying Pussy instead of Cat.

But it is the name of the software in fact the whole brand and merchandising has a fox of fire.

The next that corrects because it uses fox or panda now knows how to respond ๐Ÿ™‚

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