AdRotate Extra Settings for Wordpress

This article has been written before more than 1 years, information might old.

This time I am talking about a plugin that I made in two hours (speed coding boy):-D

Anyone who knows me knows that I talk a lot of tickets to report problems.

Use AdRotate at many sites but I have found the same problems on the interface and the developer does not help me much.

The plugin adds functionality to AdRotate very simple but important for my clients.

At the time the examples allows customizable presets and adds the ability to sort lists.

I was also thinking of adding the option to have the code already entered in the input field.

The plugin is very simple because it acts via JavaScript to add these features.

Who has ideas come forward 😀

Here are the links:

Repo Wordpress:

Repo Github:

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AdRotate Extra Settings for Wordpress

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