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I was invited as a speaker about Firefox OS in Florence from GDG Firenze for the event GDG Mobile & Embedded.

I should have been co-speaker together with Luca Greco but could not come at the last minute so I did it alone.
I have to say that the organizers were very friendly they took me to the station and reported at the end of event.

We speak of the event beginning with the program:

2:00 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. — Registration
14:15 to 14:45 — Opening

14:45 to 15:30 — Maurizio Caporali (UDOO)

“Android Programming with objects: Home automation, digital signage and Smart Object using Android”

15:30 to 16:00 — Tobias Caneschi (AppsFuel)
“# Html2Native” – Developing and distributing HTML5 Mobile Web Apps on Android ”

16:00 to 16:30 — Luca Masini, Roberto Avanzi (GDG Florence)

“EEIncremental Store”

16:30 to 16:45 Coffee break —

16:45 to 17:30 — Luca Greco, Daniel Scasciafratte (Mozilla Italy)
“Firefox OS: where WebApps become Native”

5:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. — Intel x86 NDK

18:00 to 18:30 — Fabio Collini (GDG Florence)

“Clean Android Code”

18:30 to 18:40 Closing —
18:30 – … — Bar

I have known several people interested in Firefox OS, the thing that struck me that there are many people who did not know the launch in Italy. We need to spread the news more it seems!

The first to do the talk were those of the team UDOO (Italian project) with their board/minipc that is a hybrid with Raspberry steroids and Arduino Due. Since I have is that the Raspberry my Arduino is considerable interest towards this solution but the presentation was devoted mostly to solutions combined Android / Arduino. Since I do not know to program for Android I felt excluded, however, the board supports others know how Debian. Ideally Debian (I like Debian problems?) That made ​​by bees rest in a way that can also be used in other systems (such as Firefox OS) or webapp to manage everything. With such a solution I will no longer need to use the Arduino connected to the pc because it is all in the board (you actually think that’s the idea behind this board).

I remain interested in the platform and followed developments (looking for some ideas to use it :-D)

There was a coffee break and then it was my turn so I took advantage of the projector to un’pò advertising during the break:

My talk was devoted to what Firefox OS, how it works and how to programming with.

The other talk was out of my interests because they do not know well platforms while one dedicated to Intel NDK86 was interesting because Alberto and Francesca (the event organizers) have fun making several benchmark for javascript in various browsers.

PS: Francesca and Alberto have modified (for me had fun because this is not working is fun!) GWT to add support for Firefox OS!

As I have said many people did not know much about the devices OS with Firefox so I mentioned the various devices. I did try my phones (One Touch Fire and Keon). An affirmation of those who felt for the first time showed me that the work we have done (the work of a mozillian is all) works because “you have to do marketing then you say it’s too fluid with few resources but it is true! “.

Also for the first time the audience was people who understand us programming (including web) so I could digress on technical issues (I like the technical issues). From the marketplace, technical specifications, safety and high customization.

I noticed then that I was the only speaker who has used Linux as everyone has used a Mac OSX! Hey Google developers, Eclipse also runs on Linux:-D

I forgot the coffee break was a sight never eaten so well in an event between programmers:-D
Yes, there was also a drink but I was hurry per of the train (so I tore down the whole), which then arrived late XD

As a speaker then gave me few of gadgets that are the competitor’s XD

Honestly, I care little because the aim of Mozilla is promoting a free and open web so if Google decides to adopt these solutions would be even better 🙂

Link slide:

Photo events:

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