I was there – Firefox OS and its launch in Italy

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After nearly a month after its launch it was time for me to do an article peno links and videos.


I started to participate in the community of Mozilla Italy before my famous talk on Firefox OS and have contacted me to participate in the launch Italian. The launch team I had the role of Italian Firefox OS Training Lead which I was very impressed. For the first time I was able to get some credit for my skills in open source shared by multiple people for an event so important especially for the fact that I had gone for a short time (a few months) in the community.

For those who wonder what this title means this is the person who is in charge of educational training, for the launch of fact, I worked on that for sales to retailers Italian.


The device launched in Italy by Alcatel in partnership with the TIM was the model One Touch Fire. The cost is 79.90 Euros with sim included with a prepaid traffic of 5 Euros.
It is useless to post here as well the technical specifications so I refer you to the official website.
I leave the link to the Mozilla Italy about the launch, but we begin to talk about it from my point of view.

The launch was really interesting because I got to know people like Luigi Tedone or Luca Greco in scope Firefox OS in Italy and they are doing their part as volunteers. Luigi was responsible for the first translation of the keyboard and Italian as well as Italian dictionaries. Luca on the other hand deals with the simulator (useless that I make the list).

For those who want to see some pictures of the launch in Rome, here is the link to this album on Facebook, there was also a flashmob of which here is the video:

The next day there was a hackaton always in Rome, which will link to Facebook album, with the usual video:

In the evening there was also a party:

Thanks to Carlo Logistics/patience these days, Francesco and Giovanni for their help/availability/pull ears even if they are not physically able to participate in this launch.

What happened after the launch

With the help of the translators of Italian Mozilla I’m doing the translation and expansion of Firefox OS quick guide for developers. I wanted to write this guide for a long time but after this discovery, I decided to translate it and add the material (even not public) I think is missing.

Also for developers I’m working on a polyfill for the Web Activity for desktop browsers.

That being said I’ll leave you two photos of the launch that concern me:

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