Pystromo on Debian

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For install pystromo on Debian i have used two guide:

The first guide it’s a complete guide for install and the second are useful for the udev command.
On debian i could not execute the with my user, the only solution are execute it with root permission.

I have created a script on  /etc/init.d/ for execute the at the boot:

update-rc.d FOO defaults

The content of the script are:

/opt/pystromo/ -m /home/mte90/.config/pystromo/

My map file it’s this:

Pystromo Map File

Description of my file:

Key 01 – TAB:
if ( ) {


Key 02 – Q:
else {


Key 03 – W:
elseif ( ) {


Key 04 – E:
function {


Key 05 – R:
CTRL+F #In Text Editor open the Dialog for search

Key 06 – CAPSLOCK:
F12 #With this key i open yakuake

Key 07 – A:

Key 08 – S:

Key 09 – D:
CTRL+S #In Software save the document

Key 10 – F:
CTRL+F #In Text Editor open the Dialog for search & replace

CTRL+SHIFT+C #In Shell this made for copy

Key 12 – Z:
CTRL+SHIFT+V #In Shell this made for paste

Key 13 – X:

Key 14 – C:

Key 15 – SPACE:
CTRL+Q #Close the program focused

Key 16 – LEFTALT:
ALT+N  #Execute my script for xdotool that change the focus of software open in my monitor

Whell Down/Up:
Page Down/Page Up

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