Hotkeys for start software on Kde

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Hello everybody!

I have uploaded on Kde-Look my preset of hotkeys for start software that i use often.

The hotkeys are:

  • Choqok = Alt+C

  • Konversation = Alt+I

  • Firefox(Iceweasel) = Alt+F

  • Thunderbird(Icedove) = Alt+T

  • Gprename = Alt+G

  • VirtualBox = Alt+V

  • Filezilla = Alt+S

  • KsysGuard = Alt+K

  • Dolphin = Alt+D

  • Akregator = Alt+A

Download it on:

For import it:

kcmshell4 khotkeys

Click on Modify-> Import.

With this hotkeys i have no need of Daisy/Hacktrack and shortcut on the panel 😛

Good Work!

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